Pictures of the 2002 Amsterdam Six-Day cycle race

Click on the thumbnail for a full-size picture. Fat Nick had a wonderful evening at the Amsterdam Zesdaagse in October 2002. Many thanks to Herman for inviting me to join him there for the evening! All photos are © Nick Rosenthal.

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South Africa's Jean-Pierre Van Zijl and Robert Hunter share a joke as the teams are introduced to the crowd. Sprinter-turned-six-day-man Marty Nothstein piles on the pressure, and Bruno Risi has to work hard! Job satisfaction: Smiles all round as Servais Knaven leads Leon Van Bon into a flying 500m Dutch heros: Danny Stam throws Robert Slippens into the action during the Amsterdam Six. Top dogs: Matt Gilmore leads Scott McGrory into a  flying 500m
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Matt Gilmore slings Scott McGrory into the action during a flying 500 m Achter de Derny: Matt Gilmore tucks in behind the Derny (here behind Joop Zijlaard) Dutch fast-man Rob Slippens celebrates a win. Masterclass: Germany's Gerd Dörich shows how to get real close Knaven passes Dörich during the final Madison race of the evening.
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Old friends: Bruno Risi and Joop Zijlaard celebrate winning a Derny race. Dancing in the dark: Gerd Dörich demonstrates his superb bike-handling skills as he leads the riders in a Mexican wave. At 45 km/h.... Funtime: The riders follow dancemaster Gerd Dörich as he leads them around the track. Leon van Bon  takes a breather whilst waiting for the 45-minute Madison to start. Full-on: Van Bon makes a break for it during the Madison.
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Slippens takes a quick look at the scoreboard during the Madison, whilst waiting for his partner to throw him in. Madison change: Holland's Jos Pronk gives big brother Matthé  a hand-sling. Bruno Risi at speed, twiddling a low gear to great effect. Madison change: Danny Stam slings Robert Slippens into the race during the Madison. Learning the ropes: Wilco Zuijderwijk throws Britain's Tony Gibb into the action.
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Australia's Scott McGrory throws Belgium's Matt Gilmore into the action, and has a quick word. High-speed action: Van Zijl throws Hunter into the race, as the pack breathes down their necks. Unsung hero: Switzerland's Kurt Betschart is perfectly matched with his partner Bruno Risi. Bruno Risi up close. Brothers in arms: Bruno Risi and Kurt Betschart take the overall lead at the end of the third night.
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Quiet time: Matthé Pronk and  Wilco Zuijderwijk take a break in the cabins between races. Top 6-day star Silvio Martinello will be retiring from Six-Day racing in November 2002. Riders and fans alike will miss the quiet, classy Italian. Grazie, Silvio! Domo-Farm Frites pro Servais Knaven goes back to his track roots in the Amsterdam Six. Three-abreast Derny action: Knaven makes his winning move. Dutch pro Servais Knaven and his pacer Sam Mooij celebrate victory in the evening's Derny competition.

© Nick Rosenthal