Ghent Six-day race, 2002: Pictures from the final night

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Ciao, Silvio!

Silvio Martinello is retiring later this season.... so his helpers packed his bags for him.

Germany's Gerd Dörich is now the most experienced rider on the 6-day circuit. Switzerland's Alexander Aeschbach has a rest between races at Ghent Chillin...... Is this Mr Zabka, or Mr Liska? Andreas Kappes, Germany's leading six-dayt winner.
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Kurt Betscharts has a rest between races in Ghent Britain's Bradley Wiggins takes a break from the action, on his way to second place overall. Kurt Bestschart throws Bruno Risi into the fray at Ghent. When Risi gets down into this low-bellied catslink, the other guys go white. Risi piles on the pressure in the final Madison of the 2002 Ghent Six, with Matt Gilmore chasing hard. Matt Gilmore and Brad Wiggins pick up some more flowers during the 2002 Zesdaagse van Vlaanderen.
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Derny action on the tight Ghent track. Matt Gilmore has time for a quick massage between races. The riders need to stay supple over the six nights. Kurt Betschart enjoys the taste of victory. Jean-Pierre Van Zyl and Iljo Keisse celebrate a fastest flying lap at Ghent. Patrick Sercu looks on serenely. Bruno Risi piles on the pressure.
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Sportsmanship: Winner Kurt Betschart and second-placed Brad Wiggins get all touchy-feely after the last Madison. Marco Villa congratulates Kurt Betschart on the podium. Kurt Betschart and Silvio Martinello have a chat. Kurt Betschart congratulates (relative) newboy Brad Wiggins on his excellent riding during the Ghent Six. Winners of the 2002 Ghent Six-Day race: Kurt Betschart and Bruno Risi
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Happy bunnies: Risi and Betschart celebrate their third victory at Ghent Big smiles! Local hero Matt Gilmore still has time for the press, even after finishing second. Kurt Betschart and Bruno Risi take time for a TV interview. Byee..... Risi and Betschart take their leave. In a golf cart!