Pictures of the 2002 Grenoble Six-Day cycle race - Friday evening

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Grenoble is in France, home of fine cuisine. No greasy hot dogs here. Oysters, anyone? And the Grenoble Six is famous for its shows. Here, the pom-pom girls show how to wear the American flag..... ..... Which is more than these girls are wearing. Clad in just a few feathers, these ladies put on a splendid show for the enthusiastic audience. The big boys come out to play: The top Keirin riders in the world line up for a Keirin at the Grenoble Six. One of 15 rainbow jerseys on display at the Grenoble Six. Australia's Jobie Dajka warms down after a race.
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Switzerland's Alexander Aeschbach in the Madison. Full-on bunch action in the Grenoble Six. Robert Hunter of South Africa takes a breather during the Madison race. More sprint action at Grenoble, as Jobie Dajka, Jens Fiedler and a French rider line up on the start line. Happy bunny: Aussie sprinter Jobie Dajka celebrates a win in the sprint competition.
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Aussie Sean Eadie leads two French riders in a 3-up sprint match. British world champion Craig MacLean takes on Florian Rousseau in a sprint match at Grenoble. Arnaud Tournant was happy to spend a few minutes signing autographs after a sprint match. Franck Perque takes a quick lungful of air during an "out" period in the Madison. Big Swiss rider Franco Marvulli throws Alexander Aeschbach into the race.
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Denmark's Jimmi Hansen and Morten Christiaensen. Experience counts: Italy's Marco Villa, winner of the recent Amsterdam Six, chucks Adriano Baffi into the race. Experience counts II: Belgian track specialist Lorenzo Lapage is about to throw Wouter van Mechelen in. Jérôme Neuville and Franck Perque on their way to winning a 45-minute Madison during the Grenoble six-day race. The French pairing of Said Haddou and Laurent D'Olivier are the European Espoir Madison champions, so clearly a pair to watch in the future.
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Slovak riders Martin Liska and Josef Zabka. Denmark's Jimmi Hansen and Morten Christiaensen. Steven de Neef and Luc Roberts during a madison change. Local boy Jérôme Neuville has just given Franck Perque a handsling to thrown him into the thick of the race action at Grenoble. Rainbow jersey: Neuville and Perque during a madison change.
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Steven de Neef and Luc Roberts demonstrate the art of holding hands. Franco Marvulli, reigning world scratch race champion, slings Alexander Aeschbach into the fray. French pro Andy Flickinger presents flowers to Jérôme Neuville and Franck Perque. A victory lap for World Madison champions Jérôme Neuville and Franck Perque