Results of The 1998 Dortmund Six Day Race

October 29th - November 4th 1998

Rolf Aldag & Silvio Martinello lead

The Dortmund 6 is the first of the German six-day races this year. Following Matt Gilmore's bad crash at Herning (see below for an update on Matt's progress), his regular partner for Etienne de Wilde is riding with Germany's Andreas Beikirch. This is Rolf Aldag's local event, and the German star was a hot favourite, partnered by Italy's Silvio Martinello. Martinello and Aldag took the lead on the first evening, and held it pretty much throughout, although the Swiss pairing of Bruno Risi and Kurt Betschart, fresh from their success in the Herning Six, lurked menacingly in second place the whole way through.

The Dortmund six-day has been attracting about 14,000 spectators each evening over the weekend. One interesting snippet to reach Fat Nick's ears is that Scott McGrory is still suffering from the saddle sore that put him out of the Herning Six, and has cut a hole in his saddle so that he can carry on racing. They breed them tough in Australia.....

Meantime, Kim Plesner in Denmark has sent me an update on Matt Gilmore's progress (on 2nd November):

Henrik Elmgreen, who is the organizer of Herning and Copenhagen 6-days races has talked to Matthew Gilmore, who unfortunately had a bad crash in Herning.   And there's relatively good news. Matt's condition is now so "good", that he on Friday can be transferred to Belgium, and even though the way back to the tracks will be a long one, he can expect to ride again next winter and possibly defend his World Track Championship with partner Etienne de Wilde.   Matt Gilmore has to undergo further surgery before he can start training on his bike again, which he probably will be able to do around June 1st next year - hopefully just in time to be ready for the 6-days season in October and the World Track Champs from October 20-24 1999 in Berlin.   Matt was happy and optimistic when Henrik Elmgreen talked to him today and he asked Elmgreen to give his regards to all his friends in Belgium and elsewhere.  

Race positions after the sixth night:

1 Silvio Martinello (ITA) – Rolf Aldag (GER), 445 points
2 Bruno Risi – Kurt Betschart (SUI), 427 points

1 laps down:
3 Jimmi Madsen (DEN) – Scott McGrory (AUS), 365 points

2 laps down:
4 Etienne De Wilde (BEL) – Andreas Beikirch (GER), 271 points

6 laps down:
5 Andreas Kappes (GER) – Marco Villa (ITA), 160 points

20 laps down:
6 Stefan Steinweg – Erik Weispfennig (GER), 134 points

26 laps down:
7 Frank Kowatschitsch – Mario Vonhof (GER), 151 points

31 laps down:
8 Lars Teutenberg – Ronny Lauke (GER), 108 points

33 laps down:

9 Andrei Minaschkin (RUS) – Andreas Walzer (GER), 102 points

37 laps down:
10 Olaf Pollack – Thorsten Rund (GER), 154 points

42 laps down:
11 Gerd Dörich – Christian Lademann (GER), 89 points

51 laps down:
12 Danny Stam – Robert Slippens (NED), 23 points

Did not finish:
Dimitri Galkin (RUS), Torsten Schmidt (GER)
Pierre-Yves Archambault – Thierry Grandjean (FRA)

To find out how to book tickets for the Dortmund Six, check out Roger Hughes' booking info. And while you're here, why not have a look at some photos of cycle racing action from last year's six-day bike races ?

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