Results of The 1998 Grenoble Six Day Race

October 29th - November 4th 1998

Baffi / Collinelli take victory

The Grenoble Six is taking place at the same time as the Dortmund Six this year, and a lot of the "big boys" are at Dortmund, the first German six-day of the season. However, the Grenoble Six is a well-known proving ground for up and coming riders. Last year's champions, Tayeb Braikia and Jakob Piil, will not be defending as Jakob is sidelined with a hip injury picked up racing on the road in Italy over the summer, so Tayeb is riding with French pursuiter Francis Moreau this year. Britain's Rob Hayles is riding the Grenoble six-day race - and doing pretty well, too, finishing in 5th place.

This year, the six jours cyclistes de Grenoble has set up its own web site (in French), although they don't seem to be updating the results very quickly. However, there is an option to watch the race live, and my spies tell me there are topless go-go girls providing late-night entertainment, so I may have to log on for a sly look once Mrs Fat Nick has gone to bed!

In the race, Carsten Wolf and his French partner Jerome Neuville led for most of the race, before Adriano Baffi and Andrea Colinelli came through to take victory on the final night. If I'm not mistaken, this is Colinelli's first six-day victory, so bravo Andrea!

Race positions after the final night:

1 Adriano Baffi – Andrea Collinelli (ITA), 329 points

1 laps down:
2 Tayeb Braikia (DEN) – Francis Moreau (FRA), 236 points

2 laps down:
3 Carsten Wolf (GER) – Jer˘me Neuville (FRA), 310 points

4 laps down:
4 Carlos da Cruz – Jean-Michel Monin (FRA), 269 points

5 laps down:
5 Robert Hayles (GBR) – Rik van Slijcke BEL), 272 points

7 laps down:
6 Michael Sandst°d (DEN) – Andy Flickinger (FRA), 195 points
7 Franck Corvers – Lorenzo Lapage (BEL), 172 points

10 laps down:
8 Christian Weber – Peter J÷rg (SUI), 205 points

25 laps down:
9 Pascal Chanteur – Jacky Durand (FRA), 190 points

26 laps down:
10 Massimo Strazzer (ITA) – Jean-Louis Bourgon (FRA), 124 points

29 laps down:
11 Ivan Ouaranta – Ivan Cerioli (ITA), 140 points

Did not finish: Juan Llaneras – Miguel Alzamora (ESP).


To find out how to book tickets for the Grenoble Six, check out Roger Hughes' booking info. And while you're here, why not have a look at some photos of cycle racing action from last year's six-day bike races ?

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