2009 Berlin Six Day race report

Monday 25th January 2009

Berlin,    Monday  26   /   01   /   09:

After the fourth day, we move into the final stages of the Berliner Sechstagerennen with defending champions Risi and Marvulli in the lead.

Erik Zabel reportedly has tummy troubles, and considered asking to be neutralised on Sunday. But he managed to keep going, although he and Robert Bartko are now a lap down and a few points behind. They have time to put that right if they are determined.

The Berlin Six continues to be popular with the public. There were 12,000 spectators on Thursday night, and over 13,000 on Saturday. And it is a big social event in Berlin. I have friends here (friends who are not cyclists), and all of them know when the Berlin Six is on.

Yesterday I mentioned motor pacing. And today, the Berlin newspaper had a big article about Bruno Walrave, the tall Dutchman who has been top dog in the motor pacing world for many years. Bruno is 69 now, and turns 70 in February. At 70, he intends to retire, so this is his last six-day season as a Derny pacer. Bruno was never a racing cyclist - he went straight into pacing in his late teens, so he has over 50 years' experience. WE'll miss you, Bruno - both for your pacing skills, and the pleasure of your company. And the entire six-day world wishes you a very, very happy70th birthday.

Berlin Six-days race standings after Sunday night (fourth night):





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