2009 Berlin Six Day race report

Tuesday 27th January 2009

Berlin,     Tuesday  27    /    01    /    09:

Photo of the 2009 Berlin six-day cycle race (c) Nick Rosenthal

Fat Nick had an absolutely cracking night at the Berlin Six yesterday. Good bike racing,  good beer,  German sausages,  and good company. And thank you to Jessica for introducing me to rum and cola at the track!

There was plenty of bike racing action,  with Erik Zabel back on form. I even saw Robert Bartko,  supposedly a pursuiter,  win a sprint in a very impressive manner.

It was also a night for goodbyes: Bruno Walrave was given a warm send-off by the Berlin crowd after 50 years as a motor pacer. And Erik Zabel was given a very big send-off,  with fond speeches by many German dignitaries,  and warm wishes from the other riders. He even got a big bear hug from Bruno Risi.

By the end of Monday night,  the Danish pairing of Rasmussen and Morkov were leading,  with some impressive attacking riding from these young riders. It is super to see young talent emerging in the six-day world. But Zabel / Bartko are in second place, with Risi / Marvulli also right up there, and these two strong, six-day winning teams are a real danger to the Danes, who themselves tasted victory this season at the Grenoble Six. Full praise also to Roger Kluge and Kenny de Ketele, who have really upped their game to stay on the pace with the established top dogs.

It promises to be an exciting finale!


Berlin Six-days race standings after Monday night (fifth night):






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