Erik Zabel and Robert Bartko win 2009 Berlin Six Days

Wednesday 28th January 2009

Berlin,      Tuesday  28     /     01     /     09:

Erik Zabel wins last bike race

Photo of the 2009 Berlin six-day cycle race (c) Nick Rosenthal

Exciting racing on final evening in Berlin

In a thrilling final evening of racing,  local hero Erik Zabel and partner Robert Bartko won the Berlin sixdays,  one hundred years after the first Berlin Six was held in 1909. It was the first time that Erik Zabel had ridden the Berlin six-day race,  and it was also the last time - and his very last race.

Gracious to the last,  Zabel was quick to point out that partner Robert Bartko had done 60% of the work in the race,  and had enabled Zabel to continue racing on Sunday when he was feeling unwell.

It was a popular victory with the Berlin crowd (Zabel was born close to the Berlin velodrome,  in what was then East Berlin),  but it was also a popular victory with the other riders,  and with hardened six-day fans. Erik Zabel is a well-liked rider,  but so too is Robert Bartko.


Berlin Six-days race: final standings:




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