The European Pro Cycling Network

Member of the European Pro Cycling Network


I'm proud to announce that this site is a member of the European Pro Cycling Network (EPCN). It is a cooperation between the best European cycling pages on the Internet in nine different countries.

EPCN's main function is to guarantee full coverage of the cycling scene; not only the big pro races road races but also track racing, cyclo-cross and women's racing.


 AUSTRIA Bicycle Races by Roland Holm.
 BELGIUM Cycling Teams by Stefaan Degryse.
 NETHERLANDS Cycling4all: News & Statistics by Wim van Rossum
 GERMANY Die Radsport Seite by Kai-Uwe Bohn.
 BRITAIN Fat Nick's Track site by Nick Rosenthal.
 DENMARK sportonline by Kim Plesner.
 IRELAND Irish Cycle Racing by Seamus Shortall.
 NETHERLANDS Cycle Base by Johannes Homan.
SWEDEN International Pro Cycling by Bertil Ödling
 SWITZERLAND Swiss Velo Pages by Pascal Meisser.