Fat Nick's cycle racing photos:

Mario Cipollini and Andrea Colinelli,
winners of the 1999 Fiorenzuola six-day race

Italian professional racing cyclists Mario Cipollini and Andrea Collinelli

Picture by Fat Nick

Italian racing cyclist and all-round superstar Mario Cipollini smiles nicely for the camera during the Fiorenzuola Six during July 1999. Riding with former world pursuit champion Andrea Collinelli, "Cipo" went on to win the race.

This was the first time that Fat Nick had seen the Lion King up close, and I was struck firstly by how tall he is. Fat Nick is a shade under 6 foot, but Supermario towers over me - as do most of his teammates, incidentally. The second thing I noticed, as a photographer, was how intuitively aware Mario is of a camera. Seconds before this picture, he had been chatting with Collinelli - but some sixth sense told him there was a camera lens pointed at him, and he flashed that famous smile....

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