Fat Nick's Photos: Tony Doyle, MBE

Former world pursuit champion, six-day rider and

past president of the British Cycling Federation

Tony Doyle, MBE

Picture by Fat Nick

A little aside: Back in 1993, I bumped into Tony Doyle in the hotel where I was staying in Ghent. Despite being under pressure to get to the track where he was due to ride, he made time to say hi to several fans. We got to talking about Manchester velodrome, which had just opened then, and I mentioned to Tony that I was tempted to get fit again and ride it myself. Being a true gentleman, Tony didn't laugh, made no references to needing to reinforce the track, and was delighted to hear an ex-bikie was thinking of riding again.

Thanks Tony - your encouragement helped.

Now retired from active competition, Tony Doyle runs a tour company that organises trips to various six day races each season. Click on this link to visit them at http://www.leisurepursuits.com

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